Battle of the Elevator |width= |prev= |conc= |next= |name=Battle of the Elevator |imageBG= |image= |conflict=For the superheroes to arrest the villians and the villians want to rule. |date=2017 |place=Abondoned building in a deserted island, witha working elevator the size of a room. |result=The villians are arrested. The Elevator building was put under League of Superheroes' control. |BG2= |side1=Fantastic 4 and League of Superheroes |side2=Claywoman |side3=Gansters Paradise |side4=Gangster Rebellion

|side5=Toymaker's goons

|commanders1=The Human Torch and Polvere Indiana di Dio(God's Indian dust) and Red Metal |commanders2=Claywoman |commanders3=Coolio |commanders4=none

|commanders5=Commander penguin |forces1=The Human Torch and Polvere Indiana di Dio and Red Metal |forces2=Claywoman and Tiger Snake and 3 of her robotic minions |forces3=Many gangsters and Coolio |forces4=Betrayed gangsters

|forces5=Commander penguin. 2 robot mobsters |casual1=The Human Torch was abducted by Claywoman, but was ok |casual2=Claywoman was arrested. 3 robotic minions. |casual3=Collio was arrested. Gangsters were killed |casual4=All gangsters were killed

|casual5=All forces |civilian=none

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